When navigating a foreign city, it is often challenging to find a safe and timely ride to get you where you need to go. On of our newest and most exciting developments is our work with XEN Cabs. The XEN Cabs app allows users to hail cabs, track car progress, manage payment options, and more ,through a mobile app interface. The vehicles used by XEN cabs are fully vetted as clean, safe, and operated by licensed cab drivers. Moreover, they are enabled with an embedded android system. This allows for drivers and users to track all aspects of the car—speed, location, tire pressure, engine and oil quality. This gives the customer peace of mind that the vehicle they get into is well maintained and won’t cause delays to they trip.

During our pilot program in India, many have registered with XEN Cabs and the consumer feedback has been overwhelmingly positive:

The price was right and the car was comfortable. Even without much notice we were able to make a flight on time without any hassle.Clean Car, good driver.

Super great experience...super technology!

Amazing service. Used the service for an airport drop from Thrissur as well. Clear car,smelling nice,on time arrival,courteous chauffeur.Looking forward to using the service again.Thanks!

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