These days, business leaders are looking for efficient and faster ways to implement their business application to align with their customer demands. Tratum Workflow builder supports these constantly changing business needs. Whether you are implementing a survey application or a front office application, Workflow builder enables your development sprints by providing prebuilt controls and navigation builder utilities.

Tratum’s Workflow builder enables quick and efficient deploying of applications to meet changing business needs. It provides a feature-reach designer, which consists of app development controls to implement and incorporate complex work flows into your business systems in quick turnaround.

Built on Microsoft .NET technologies on a multi-tenant architecture it enables Cloud application deployments along with integration to third party applications including authentication services.

Architectural Representation

The Workflow Builder is comprised of five major components

  • WebAppManager service: A windows service which primarily polls the database for any page publishing requests and handles the creation of files for the particular page being published, retrieving the data for that Workflow. The created page acts as the unified desktop, aligning flows and any back end application data.

  • Reporting manager tool: Provides interface for the supervisors and managers to view the built-in reports and create/view the custom reports. The tool interacts with CSB database to report meta-data and CSB_Reports for report data. The tool can also interact with any of the databases/data servers configured by Tratum Call ScriptBuilder administrator for custom report data. The above architectural information has been represented in the block diagram below.

  • Published Pages: Acting as the unified agent desktop, published pages use webservices to talk to third party COTS applications, home grown applications, or to access external data source/business logic. It also interacts with the monitoring service, informing that about the live session changes.


Components of WorkFlow Builder